How Market Research Can Help a New Product Launch

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Stop Taking Chances! You only get one shot at launching a new product and yet nothing is more critical to determining its success or failure. Why take chances? Remember, it’s not ‘One Day’, its ‘Day One’.     The most important question in the world of business is this: Why do some products succeed where […]

Concept Crafting and Prototype Testing


WHAT IS CONCEPT CRAFTING? First, let’s establish the definition of a concept.  A concept is meant to communicate an idea in a concise way.  Concepts are NOT final products. They are rough drafts that give an idea of how the product or service could take shape. Concept crafting is about converting a raw idea into […]

Market Research in the New Normal

Trend Antidoting in the time of Coronavirus

Market Research and the New Normal Living life in the Pandemic As the world changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the key issues we see being reported in market research is one of ‘stress’ and concerns about mental health.  We are hearing in the media but we are also hearing it from consumers […]

Consumer Research and Jobs to be Done for New Product Development


How to Leverage Jobs to be Done for Product Development Despite businesses having more data than ever on their customers, innovation still feels like rocket science and companies continue to fail.   Jobs to be Done is a great way for businesses to win at product development by focussing on the real needs of the consumer […]

How to Build A Successful Long-Term Brand Strategy with Market Research


Market Research is Fundamental to Successful Brand Strategy A brand that invests in market research is a brand that will benefit from more profitable results, hands-down.  Why?  Because no matter what industry you are in – B2B, healthcare or consumer goods; well-crafted brands mean something to their target audience.  That meaning creates loyal customers which […]

Why Concept Testing Research is Important

concept testing

By Ellen Baron   What is Concept Testing? Concept testing is a research tool used to help optimise and assess the viability of a new product idea.   It is critical to ensuring any new idea meets the needs of a given audience.  Concept testing can ensure new product launch success. It is a simple process.  […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Researching Customer Experience

RESIZED A marketer’s guide to research customer experience

There has been significant change in our approach to researching customer experience. Due to technology and the internet, goods and services can be bought at the click of a button. From any location at any time, companies find it much tougher to have personal relationships with their customers or simple face-to-face interaction and conversations. Developments […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Research for Innovation

RESIZED A Marketer’s Guide to Research for Innovation

In today’s fast-moving markets, there are very few that survive and flourish without continuous investment in product or service innovation. Innovation done well is every marketer’s dream. Achieving innovative disruption with first mover advantage and fantastic profits could well be a pipe dream. The big deal is that whatever innovation pathway you choose, it involves […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Research Methods for Deeper Insight

RESIZED A Marketer’s Guide to Research Methods for Deeper Insight

When a deeper consumer insight is required than traditional focus groups can deliver, two research tools that come into play are ethnographic research and co-creation. In this blog, we look at how these techniques can be used to help marketers understand their customers better. 1. Ethnographic Research The key to designing innovative products and communications […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Quantitative Research

RESIZED A marketer’s guide to quantitative research

What is quantitative research? Most clients have some idea already, but to clarify, here is a classic dictionary definition: “The use of numerical analysis techniques to provide information useful to those involved in promoting products or services. Many business applications of quantitative marketing research involve surveying customers. The information thus obtained can be used by […]