Using Video to Tell Research Stories


Storytelling through video is a great way to get to deeper insight and immersion. Videos can be snippets or even consumer documentaries.  Read more to find out how. Read the full Article

6 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Market Research Consulting


What is a Market Research Consulting? Consulting for market research means more than just conducting a survey or running a focus group. It is important to realise that market research consultants and market research agencies can advise on an array of options to solve your consumer needs, but also help you manage your research budgets, […]

Understanding Emotion in Advertising

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Can qualitative researchers understand emotions in advertising?  Behavioural Economics and Biometics in advertising research has rekindled debate about the role of emotional engagement in effective communication.  It’s good that this discourse is alive and well as we have always known that feelings or System One thinking are inherently important to engagement and involvement.  Qualitative researchers have been effectively observing […]

5 Reasons why Customer Centric Research is Essential

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Customer Centricity is… Putting the customer at the centre of your long-term company vision in order to strengthen the customer relationship and drive loyalty, value and better brand experiences. For this you need vision and a clear understanding of your customer.   1. Customer Research will provide you with… Great consumer insight can drive sustainable […]

How to Test New Product Ideas, Concepts and Prototypes


Author: Mandy Munro 2 min read: Words 620 Once you have your product roadmap planned with new product concepts ready for launch you will want to test the prototypes. Any new product has a chance of success and a chance of failure. New product failure rates are estimated to range from 35% to 95%.  However, […]

Concept Crafting and Prototype Testing


WHAT IS CONCEPT CRAFTING? First, let’s establish the definition of a concept.  A concept is meant to communicate an idea in a concise way.  Concepts are NOT final products. They are rough drafts that give an idea of how the product or service could take shape. Concept crafting is about converting a raw idea into […]

Antidoting and How Market Research Can Help Your Brand

Trend Antidoting in the time of Coronavirus

Antidoting and how market research can help 2 minute read Ellen Baron Living life in the Pandemic As the world changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the key issues we see being reported is one of ‘stress’ and concerns about mental health.  We are hearing in the media but we are also hearing […]

How Market Research Can Help a New Product Launch

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Stop Taking Chances You only get one shot at launching a new product and yet nothing is more critical to determining its success or failure.   Why take chances? The most important question in the world of business is this: why do some products succeed where others fail?  Innovation gurus Cooper and Kleinschmidt found that there […]

Why Track and Measure Brand Health?

Why Measure and Track Brand Health? You can only improve what you measure – Tom Peters Brand health measurement and tracking gives you the ability to manage your brands and identify the levers to improve market performance. Without a quantitative measurement, marketers have a limited understanding of how external market forces impact the brand.  You […]

How to Write a Market Research Brief for Qualitative or Quantitative Research


How do I Write a Market Research Brief? Have you thought much about what how to write your market research brief? Don’t worry, many people haven’t! Whether you need qualitative research or quantitative research, we have a few simple tricks to help you prepare your market research brief for qualitative research, quantitative research or a […]

How to do Agile Qualitative Research

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What is Agile Qualitative Research? The demand for faster, deeper market research is growing.  Agile processes combined with qualitative research allows a marketers a faster response to traditional research methods which typically take weeks to deliver.  Agile methods can include short 30 min online interviews, mobile qualitative research and small panel sessions amongst others. What […]

Consumer Research and Jobs to be Done for New Product Development


How to Leverage Jobs to be Done for Product Development Despite businesses having more data than ever on their customers, innovation still feels like rocket science and companies continue to fail.   Jobs to be Done is a great way for businesses to win at product development by focussing on the real needs of the consumer […]