Market Research in the New Normal

Trend Antidoting in the time of Coronavirus

Market Research and the New Normal Living life in the Pandemic As the world changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the key issues we see being reported in market research is one of ‘stress’ and concerns about mental health.  We are hearing in the media but we are also hearing it from consumers […]

How to Launch a Brand Ambassador Program


What are Brand Ambassadors? Businesses often choose a person or celebrity to become the “face” of the brand.  This is known as a brand ambassador. It is important for the talent to be well known to the target audience and to bring positive credentials to the brand.  Ideally they have established networks and relationships to […]

Why Concept Testing Research is Important

concept testing

By Ellen Baron   What is Concept Testing? Concept testing is a research tool used to help optimise and assess the viability of a new product idea.   It is critical to ensuring any new idea meets the needs of a given audience.  Concept testing can ensure new product launch success. It is a simple process.  […]

The Need for Agile Market Research and Why it is Important for Organisations to Embrace

angel luciano 1103962 unsplash

What is Agile Market Research? “Agile management is an iterative and adaptive process where small, highly-collaborative teams work in a series of short cycles, incorporating rapid feedback, to deliver emergent solutions, emphasizing transparency among all stakeholders.” Organisations need to be agile because there is an increase of ever-shifting touch-points and channels to connect with consumers, […]

Australian Market Trends: Getting to Know The 65+

Marketing 65 Plus

The elderly population makes up a growing proportion of the population as has been shown by Australian market trends. And this is projected to increase even more rapidly over next decade as further cohorts of baby boomers (born 1946-64) turn 65. In the infographic below you will discover how this section of the population interacts […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Researching Customer Experience

RESIZED A marketer’s guide to research customer experience

There has been significant change in our approach to researching customer experience. Due to technology and the internet, goods and services can be bought at the click of a button. From any location at any time, companies find it much tougher to have personal relationships with their customers or simple face-to-face interaction and conversations. Developments […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Semiotics and Cultural Insight

RESIZED A Marketer’s Guide to Semiotics and Cultural Insight

What is semiotics and why should you be interested? We believe that it takes category research to a new level, which can often be generalist and lacks shape and clear frameworks for growth. It mostly lacks the cultural perspective and focuses only on the narrow market at hand. Category research done well, needs to consider […]

Consumer Trends – Board Game Revival

RESIZED Consumer Trends for 2018 – Board Game Revival

One of the latest Millennial driven trends is the revival of board games in their quest for screen free time. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Table games are a break away from the stressfulness of constantly ‘on’ media lives, allowing consumers to chill out, connect and be real – role play is part of this. WHAT […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Research Methods for Deeper Insight

RESIZED A Marketer’s Guide to Research Methods for Deeper Insight

When a deeper consumer insight is required than traditional focus groups can deliver, two research tools that come into play are ethnographic research and co-creation. In this blog, we look at how these techniques can be used to help marketers understand their customers better. 1. Ethnographic Research The key to designing innovative products and communications […]

Consumer Trends – Cannabis Maximus

RESIZED Consumer Trends for 2018 – Cannabis Maximus

Expect to see crafted and upmarket cannabis, with farms and cultivators producing special strains in limited batches like a microbrewery. Cannabis will also lose its stoner reputation as it moves into skincare, healthcare, and wellbeing. WHY? Consumers are getting used to its benefits and positive health stories (cancer). Now reaching its tipping point as the […]

5 Tips for Marketing to the 50+ Crowd

RESIZED 5 Tips for Marketing to the 50 Crowd

The older demographic is a very lucrative market in terms of pure spending power, but also the least understood. Age discrimination plays a part, but a lack of understanding on the best ways to target the 50+ hinders marketing growth. The ABS figures suggest this is a huge missed opportunity in Australia. Ruby Cha Cha […]

Consumer Trends – Waste Not Want Not

RESIZED Consumer Trends for 2018 – Waste Not Want Not

Consumers are demanding waste free products and packaging that can be easily recyclable or repurposed. The growth in this trend is being driven by Millennials & Boomers who are willing to pay more for sustainable options. WHY? Awareness campaigns such as ABC’s War on Waste is taking the story of everyday consumer waste behaviour and […]