Unlocking Insights: The Role Of Data Analysis In Quantitative Consumer Research

No matter your industry or business sector, understanding consumer behaviour through quantitative consumer research is non-negotiable for staying competitive. Quantitative consumer research offers concrete data that can be analysed to forecast trends, identify opportunities and navigate upcoming challenges. By leveraging statistical analysis, businesses can transform raw data into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making that aligns […]

How Market Research Can Help a New Product Launch

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Stop Taking Chances! You only get one shot at launching a new product and yet nothing is more critical to determining its success or failure. Why take chances? Remember, it’s not ‘One Day’, its ‘Day One’.     The most important question in the world of business is this: Why do some products succeed where […]

How to use Consumer Co Creation in Online Focus Groups

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Why Online Consumer Co Creation? Covid Normal has impacted the consumer led idea generation and Co Creation space.  Tangibility is the life force of Co Creation – which always seems to be better in a group dynamic, with lots of stimulus to play with and a client fully engaged either within the session or watching […]

Understanding Emotion in Advertising

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Can qualitative researchers understand emotions in advertising?  Behavioural Economics and Biometics in advertising research has rekindled debate about the role of emotional engagement in effective communication.  It’s good that this discourse is alive and well as we have always known that feelings or System One thinking are inherently important to engagement and involvement.  Qualitative researchers have been effectively observing […]

Market Research in the New Normal

Trend Antidoting in the time of Coronavirus

Market Research and the New Normal Living life in the Pandemic As the world changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the key issues we see being reported in market research is one of ‘stress’ and concerns about mental health.  We are hearing in the media but we are also hearing it from consumers […]

How to do Agile Qualitative Research

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What is Agile Qualitative Research? The demand for faster, deeper market research is growing.  Agile processes combined with qualitative research allows a marketers a faster response to traditional research methods which typically take weeks to deliver.  Agile methods can include short 30 min online interviews, mobile qualitative research and small panel sessions amongst others. What […]

Consumer Research and Jobs to be Done for New Product Development


How to Leverage Jobs to be Done for Product Development Despite businesses having more data than ever on their customers, innovation still feels like rocket science and companies continue to fail.   Jobs to be Done is a great way for businesses to win at product development by focussing on the real needs of the consumer […]

How to Build A Successful Long-Term Brand Strategy with Market Research


Market Research is Fundamental to Successful Brand Strategy A brand that invests in market research is a brand that will benefit from more profitable results, hands-down.  Why?  Because no matter what industry you are in – B2B, healthcare or consumer goods; well-crafted brands mean something to their target audience.  That meaning creates loyal customers which […]

How is Quantitative Research Changing?

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  What is Quantitative Market Research? Many people have some idea of what quantitative research is already – its something to do with numbers, surveys and statistics.  How boring! At Ruby Cha Cha we believe quantitative research isn’t quite as cut and dry that. These days it is much more than surveys, analytics and endless […]

Why Concept Testing Research is Important

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By Ellen Baron   What is Concept Testing? Concept testing is a research tool used to help optimise and assess the viability of a new product idea.   It is critical to ensuring any new idea meets the needs of a given audience.  Concept testing can ensure new product launch success. It is a simple process.  […]

The Need for Agile Market Research and Why it is Important for Organisations to Embrace

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What is Agile Market Research? “Agile management is an iterative and adaptive process where small, highly-collaborative teams work in a series of short cycles, incorporating rapid feedback, to deliver emergent solutions, emphasizing transparency among all stakeholders.” Organisations need to be agile because there is an increase of ever-shifting touch-points and channels to connect with consumers, […]

Customer Advocacy: How to Leverage it as a Marketer


In order to understand customer advocacy, it’s incredibly important to first recognise the following distinction: Customer loyalty is a purchasing behaviour Customer advocacy is an emotional connection Customer advocates are therefore characterised by their emotional connection to your brand. Advocates share their experiences with both personal and social networks. They are defined by their passion […]