How to Test New Product Ideas, Concepts and Prototypes


Once you have your product roadmap planned with new product concepts ready for launch you will want to test the prototypes. Any new product has a chance of success and a chance of failure. New product failure rates are estimated to range from 35% to 95%.  However, the failure rate statistic does not matter. You […]

Concept Crafting and Prototype Testing


WHAT IS CONCEPT CRAFTING? First, let’s establish the definition of a concept.  A concept is meant to communicate an idea in a concise way.  Concepts are NOT final products. They are rough drafts that give an idea of how the product or service could take shape. Concept crafting is about converting a raw idea into […]

Why Concept Testing Research is Important

concept testing

By Ellen Baron   What is Concept Testing? Concept testing is a research tool used to help optimise and assess the viability of a new product idea.   It is critical to ensuring any new idea meets the needs of a given audience.  Concept testing can ensure new product launch success. It is a simple process.  […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Research for Brand Development

RESIZED A Marketer’s Guide to Research for Brand Development

The overall idea of brand development is to ‘own’ a market position and a source of competitive advantage and articulate your point of difference to your competitive set through a viable brand positioning. The goal is to ensure you are creating a unique fingerprint that drives association for your customer that is desirable and compelling, […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Research for Innovation

RESIZED A Marketer’s Guide to Research for Innovation

In today’s fast-moving markets, there are very few that survive and flourish without continuous investment in product or service innovation. Innovation done well is every marketer’s dream. Achieving innovative disruption with first mover advantage and fantastic profits could well be a pipe dream. The big deal is that whatever innovation pathway you choose, it involves […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Uses for Quantitative Research

RESIZED A Marketers Guide to Uses for Quantitative Research

Three of the most common uses for quantitative research are market sizing, concept testing, and measuring customer loyalty through Net Promoter Score. In this post, we unpack how marketers can leverage quantitative studies for marketing growth. Market sizing “Build it and they will come!”Once a business has a concept they think they can make profitably, […]